MikrotikOS: link status and alignment

1. Check if the link is running:
Wireless > Interface
the “R” flag in the first column need to be present, il the “R” flag is not present the link is not established.


2. If the link is running check the alignment
Wireless > Registration
Double click on the item present in the table than in “AP Client” click on “Signal” tab.


To align the link the Tx/Rx Signal Strength values need to be maximized.
To have a stable link you need to reach al least a -72/-74 value.
To get the best performance a -50/-55 value is recommended.

To align the antenna you will have two teams of people. Ideally, each team should have at least two people: one to take signal readings and communicate with the remote end, the other to manipulate the antenna.

Test signal in both directions, but only one at a time. One end starts to search the best alignment (best Signal Strenght values). After the best possible position is found, lock the antenna firmly into place and signal the other team to begin slowly sweeping around. Repeat this process a couple of times until the best possible position for both antennas is found.